UPC and Variable Print Barcode Labels

We are the barcode label specialists. We custom print barcode labels and UPC labels to your exact specifications. Pictured here is a UPC A common UPC product label. It has 12 digits that are uniquely assigned to each product. If you have a product to sell it most likely will need a UPC label attached. The numbers are generated through Global Standards One (GS1). For an up front fee and annual renewal fee you can create and manage your barcodes for all your products. After your products are registered simply give us a call to print your custom UPC barcode labels.

label sample of a asset tag with variable printing

Asset and Property Labels

Protect your company assets with a durable polyester asset label. We use multiple printing processes to manufacture security and asset labels, including thermal transfer with resin ink to ensure the print will last as long as the labels do. Security seals and labels come in a variety of substrates that are tamper evident. We offer VOID Polyester, when removed, leaves a VOID text pattern in the adhesive on the surface the label is applied too. We also offer destructible polyester which has a strong adhesive and when removed, the label breaks apart. Also available is a checkerboard tamper evident adhesive, which leaves behind a checkerboard pattern when removed.

Retail Barcode Labels

Barcodes have many uses and functions. Barcodes allow for the use and collection of large amounts of data and information. They can also be used to keep track of people and objects. There are a bevy of barcodes available to track rental cars, luggage, registered mail, shipping boxes, arena tickets, and event tickets to prevent fraud. No matter what the application is for your barcode labels, we have the symbologies and the equipment to print and die cut your barcode labels in house. All of our printed UPC and barcode labels are tested and scanned to ensure readability before they are shipped to their final destination.

UPC label example from Big Lots stores for product placement
QR code label sample

QR Codes

QR Codes are here to stay. Simplify things for your potential customers by using QR Codes. QR Codes hold valuable information about your company. They can include Text, Phone Numbers, Website URL’s, Email Address, SMS Messages, Location, MeCards, and vCards. We teamed up with Pressero and nothing beats our full color, CMYK QR code delivered in a high resolution EPS file format. The same QR Code engine is built-into our industry-leading Pressero personalization and VDP systems. Among other things, print service providers use Pressero to automatically generate QR Codes on business cards, sell sheets, and other templated print products.

So, don’t settle for a low resolution, bit-mapped, RGB QR code when you can have the best: a QR Code generated by the web-to-print experts.