Cover up UPC label showing the black background of the label stock

Cover Up Labels

Cover up labels are very common. In many cases, packaging companies and marketing executives have product changes that come up after the package has been printed. This is where the cover up label is key. Saving considerable costs by producing a label to fix a small mistake rather than re-printing the packaging.

It is common for UPC Barcode product identifications to change. If this is the case, we can create a Cover up label for your packaging.

sample of a custom printed cover up label with black back adhesive

Black Back Labels (Cover Up)

By using a pressure sensitive face stock with a black back, or grey opaque ink backing, it ensures when the new label is placed over existing packaging, the existing print or packaging will not show through the label face sheet. The adhesive is permanent and it is almost impossible to peel away the label and see the mistake printed underneath.

With today’s UV coatings, it is important to test adhesion. For a sample of our cover up materials, simply give us a call or fill out our sample request.