Flexographic Label Printing HD

FlexoFlexographic Label Printing Method

Transferring ink from a metering roller to a polymer plate is known as flexograhic printing. Flexographic label printing is widely held as the most economical way to print custom printed labels. This is because the quality in the past was sub standard when compared to gravure and lithographic. Things have changed and now with Flexographic Printing technology advances, we can achieve high quality printing without the added expense of engraved cylinders and slow printing methods.

Flexography is ideal when combining 4 color process work with spot colors and metallic inks. Flexographic labels are also the preferred printing method on longer production runs and repeat printing jobs. When ordering Flexographic custom printed labels you have the initial set up charges with printing plates. But if your project or printed label job repeats and you would need labels again, there is no additional charge for printing plates making it a more efficient and cost effective process for printing pressure sensitive labels.