sample image of a die cut label with text Hot Rod Power Tour on label

Custom Die Cut Labels

You choose the shape and size. We have thousands of stock dies built over 50 years of Printing Custom Flexographic and Digital Pressure Sensitive Labels in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our selection includes, rounded corner rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, square cornered rectangles, squares and custom shapes. Pictured is a sample of a die cut 3″ Circle. The blue line represents the die strike. The artwork file has been set up with bleed so that when the label matrix is striped away after die cutting, the remaining label left on the liner is what is left inside the blue line. On Rectangles and Squares, a typical rounded corner radius is 1/8″ on stock dies. A typical space between labels on rolls is 1/8″. This is common for machine application of roll labels.

Butt Cut Labels (Square Corners)

Pictured here is a sample of a square cut or butt cut pressure sensitive label. Butt Cut labels can be produced in almost any size range. The repeat of the label usually must fall in 1/8″ – 1/4″ increments. Butt Cut labels are produced with a square or a 90 degree corner radius. The pressure sensitive labels can be sheeted or butted up next to one another on a roll. With But Cut labels, bleed can be a problem. If your label design requires a border or ink and artwork extending outside the die strike, then Die Cut Labels will work best for you. For more information on the difference between die cut and butt cut labels. Butt Cut pressure sensitive labels are typically hand applied. If your project requires machine application of the labels, die cut labels on rolls would work best.

custom but cut label sample with square corners for Travelocity
Custom shape die cut roll label sample for Remke Markets

Custom Shape Die Cut Labels on Rolls

Our cutting dies can be made into any shape and size you need to make your product label get noticed. Choose from hundreds of special shapes in our inventory or we can make a custom shape die to match your die line. Does your pressure sensitive label wrap around an odd shaped tub or package? We can taper the label dimensions and die size so that your label wraps around your tub or package and lines up straight across your application after the label is applied. Call 1-888-899-1991 today to speak to our staff about your special shape pressure sensitive label application.