sample of a piggyback label showing both layers

Piggyback Labels

When you need a label on top of another label and a liner all in one, so that you can remove your label from the application to stick on a different surface, it’s called a piggyback label. Normal label construction consists of two layers generally. Piggyback labels are constructed of three layers. A label face sheet with adhesive, a liner layer with adhesive and a general purpose liner layer. Piggyback labels can be machine applied or hand applied. They can also be manufactured with either square or corner radius dies or both as pictured.

sample of a piggy back label with die lines

Two Level Dies

By using a two level die, we can cut the top label a specified size, and cut the bottom or middle label layer a slightly larger size while leaving the liner un cut. This makes for an easy peel of the top level label as this is the label that will eventually be removed from your product to be placed elsewhere. On some applications we use piggyback labels ourselves to label the cores of our label products. This gives the end user of our labels the ability to peel a label from the core with the item number and description for re orders. This is just one example where piggyback labels can assist with product tracking and quality control.