sample of a outdoor county auditor label

Outdoor Labels

We can produce outdoor labels laminated for weather and sun resistance. Fade resistant ink pigments have been developed and in combination with UV protective laminations. We can produce an outdoor label that will last years in extreme outdoor environments. Outdoor labels and waterproof labels require a substrate that will not destruct in moist environments. We stock a variety of films to print on and laminate for all types of outdoor applications, including Vinyl, Polypropylene, Polyester, Static Cling and more.

Harsh Environment Labels

With Harsh Environment Labels the pressure sensitive material we print on is just as important as the inks and laminations we use. Obviously, a paper label will not last very long outdoors but many films, polys and adhesives will break down over time as well. We use only outdoor rated vinyls and polyesters suitable for long lasting durability in harsh environments where the label is needed to last for several years without breaking down. Let us know your exact label application and we can suggest a construction which will last.

sample of an outdoor ski resort label