sample rendering of a self laminating label for the Geek Squad

Self Laminating Labels

If your looking for a way to make your own security labels safely sealing your required information on your label to prevent tampering, self laminating labels are an economical solution. They can be produced using both paper and film label stocks. We leave a clear self laminating film with the liner backing still attached on the portion of the label you will be putting the important information. Simply imprint the information on the label and remove the liner backing from the lamination then press and seal. Your valuable information is sealed and protected.

Indoor Self Laminating Labels

Paper Self Laminating pressure sensitive labels are ideal for indoor applications where moisture is not an issue. Paper Self Laminating labels are easily written on using pen, pencil or marker. Paper labels will be very difficult to remove after application. Providing a tamper evident layer of protection to your self laminating label.

Outdoor Self Laminating Labels

Film Self Laminating pressure sensitive labels are needed when the application is outdoors or will be exposed to moisture at any point during the lifespan of the labels. We use a top coated film label stock to ensure readability with both pen and marker. It is always a good idea to test, but we have done some of the testing for you picking a top coated label stock which will accept many forms of writing instruments and ink combinations. Request a sample today and see if Self Laminating pressure sensitive labels are right for your application!