price label sample with static cling label stock

Static Cling Labels

We stock both white and clear static cling vinyl. Static Cling labels stick to most smooth surfaces by static electricity. This eliminates the adhesive and any chance of leaving behind a sticky residue when labels are removed. Static Cling Labels are great for glass and point of purchase promotions. You chose the shape and size, and pick from any color imaginable. Each static cling label is custom printed right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. If your project requires a clear static cling vinyl, white ink is recommended under all other printing colors to ensure the colors pop and get the attention they deserve.

static cling window decal printed for Jiffy Lube

Clear Static Cling Labels

Lube labels are a perfect example of a Clear Static Cling label application. We print on clear static cling vinyl and in most cases with lube labels, we print a white box where the service station can use a digital imprinter to update the labels in real time with the next service date printed on each customer’s label. Clear static cling labels can be a valuable solution when needing custom labels on glass store fronts for various forms of advertisement. Whatever the application, we can print your custom static cling labels on clear vinyl for that “no look” label application.

sample of a static cling label for windows by energy star

White Static Cling Labels

We can create Static Cling labels on white Static Cling vinyl and print your custom design. When using white static cling vinyl it is not necessary to under print white. With a white static cling label the static charge is on the backside of the label just the same as if it were a pressure sensitive label with adhesive. Not all of our existing die inventory will work with static cling labels. Because most static cling labels are hand applied, many are produced using a butt cut or square cornered die at the size you are looking for.